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Best Trees For Screening

Screening trees and hedges can create an ideal screening solution to offer privacy from neighbours, reduce noise pollution from roads or as an effective windbreak.

This type of screening is particularly useful if you are overlooked by neighbouring properties, would like to draw the eye towards a specific feature, or would like to retain lower level exposure i.e. of an attractive wall or area.

Generally, evergreens are preferred for this purpose and can be planted densely to achieve maximum effect from the offset. However, planting a selection of trees, if space allows, can provide rich contrast and seasonal interest.

Leylandii hedge plants, or x Cupressocyparis leylandii to use the Latin name, are the fastest growing of all hedging plants and are popular for their evergreen sprays of fragrant green foliage. Kept trimmed, Leylandii hedge plants make a wonderful conifer feature that will create a dense screen.

Bamboo is another great option as it grows to heights of up to 8m high with green stems and golden green/yellow leaves. A beautiful site that creates a wonderful soothing sound as it gently sways in the wind. Golden bamboo is evergreen, so will hold its leaves all year, which means all year round screening.

For a practical option pick the Photinia, its dense evergreen foliage offers year round privacy and we can supply in a standard tree or as a dense shrub.

Magnolia Grandiflora, Cherry Laurel, Leylandii, Holm Oak trees, Laurel trees, Photinia's, Japanese Privets, Golden Bamboo, all make wonderful options.

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